An ML-based correlation tool that transforms data from multiple sources into actionable intelligence, providing businesses with contextual relevance and enabling informed decision-making.



Unify is a cutting-edge product that utilizes machine learning to establish correlations between data from various sources, unlocking actionable intelligence and delivering contextual relevance.

By transforming disparate data into meaningful insights, Unify empowers businesses to make informed decisions and drive impactful outcomes.


CuVo Unify

A feedback dashboard fit for your needs

CuVo continuously captures the consumer's 360-degree perspective and empowers customers to communicate their exact troubles, successes, or suggestions.

Meet your users where they are

Available today on Amazon Fire TV, Roku, Samsung, Apple TV, Chromecast, LG, Vizio, all browsers, iOS and Android.

configurable UX

Rich options such as checkboxes, drop down menus, free text, screen recording, voice, file upload, voice to text through multiple I/O options.

Flexible activation options

Configure CuVo to be activated based on human behavior using static buttons, screen movement, timer-based,  and  hot-key enablement.

Optimize Consumer Engagement

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Explore the platform

Your developers can set up CuVo in minutes, and then product managers can continue to customize CuVo to fit your style. Customer success managers will be able to offload ticket resolution by up to 60%.

Get up and running quickly

  • 2 hours set-up to go-live
  • Low ongoing maintenance
  • Role based access control

Regulatory compliance

  • Policy based retention
  • Encryption and data protection
  • Comply with your privacy requirements

Data Management

  • SaaS platform with shared or dedicated tenant 
  • Option of on-prem deployment