Give your customers a voice.

CuVo is an in-app, cloud-based feedback mechanism that creates actionable steps for your team to improve product quality.
Use Cases
Why cuvo?

Enable your product to discover
outstanding customer experiences.

Validate Customer Opinions

Give your customer a voice, and then create an open dialogue for them to improve their experience.

Resolve Customer Issues

Provide an ecosystem for customers to communicate their experiences from within the application.

Customer Retention

Predict trends in customer experience and take actions to limit churn rates.
Implement changes with
Canary Releases
CuVo incorporates at scale testing in production to deliver high quality products rapidly.
Improve on products using
Feature 1
Feature 2
Feature Discovery
CuVo is an early feedback mechanism for customers in order to validate and improve upon product features.
For your Customers

Give feedback in multiple formats.

CuVo gives customers the ability to communicate their exact troubles, successes, or suggestions.
Report incidents
Request Features
Rate Pages or Applications
Share Audio, Video, Screen, or Files
Create Comments with Edits
For your team

A feedback dashboard fit for your needs.

Once a customer submits feedback, data is stored and visualized for your team to access in the form of a customizable dashboard.
Categorize Feedback
- Sort your customer data with AI to group keywords, themes, and tickets together in order to better understand customer experiences.
Display Application Metrics
- Find out where, when, how, and what your customers are thinking about your application through back-end visualizations.
Designate Notifications
- Be notified promptly when a customer submits feedback through your preferred integration.
how to use
how to use

Set-up CuVo with ease.

window.CuVo = window.CuVo || {};
CuVo.ready  = false;
CuVo.apiKey = 'xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx'
CuVo.productVersion = '1.x';
CuVo.endpoint = xxxxxx.execute/beta;

Set up in minutes, then customize to fit your style.
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CuVo allows teams all over the world to increase product quality.

Case Study

Real world results for innovative companies.

Sling's Browser Application was able to receive huge amounts of actionable feedback using CuVo over the course of 5 weeks.


# of Feedback Responses

5 weeks

Total Campaign Length
George Sneddon
Founder & CTO

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valuable customers.

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Customer retention is the first step to acquiring new customers.

CuVo leads the way.